August Clinical Blog

Welcome to my August blog!

I trust you’re getting some holidays of your own sorted by now?

Taking a break is good for our ability to maintain a sharp clinical mindset. For we all know the increasing demand and complexity on the services we work within right now.

Being switched on to what might be going on with the patient and family in front of you is key to practising safely. And we know good clinicians lead to good reputation.

At Merco we are proud of building on our reputation. Not only with you as our valued clinical workforce; whom we are immensely proud of and also with our customers who book the clinical shifts through us.

This year, Merco will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary of Primary Care Partnerships. Adding value to organisations up and down the country. Bringing valuable and skilled clinical staff to the workplace. Being responsive and there when needed most. Helping fill longer term and last minute requests.