About Us

What makes us tick?

Our Experience

Merco have been nurturing relationships with clinicians and hospital trusts for 20 years. Our Managing Director has been with the business for 18 years - and is the driving force behind the many ways that you get more from Merco than from other agencies

Our Clinicians

Our Clinicians are the cornerstone of the success of Merco.

We are proud of each and every clinician who represents Merco. We work with the best... and they are our family

Our People

The Merco team has built a reputation of transparent and trustworthy recruitment practices.

Many of our recruitment consultants have been at Merco for over 10 years, and have exceptional industry knowledge.

You are in safe hands!

Our Values

Our core values drive our behaviours and help us achieve our goals, and yours!

What we stand for as a business is designed to take Merco beyond conventional outdated benchmarks in recruitment practice and embrace all challenges alongside the healthcare industry.