June Clinical Blog

Welcome to my musings for June!

Firstly I’d like to send well wishes to you. I know you’ve been working hard. Clinically our work remains demanding and complex. And I hope you remember the positive difference you make to people’s lives.

I had the pleasure of working with a Merco first timer this week. A vastly experienced independent prescriber working her first ever agency shift. Dipping her toe into the world of agency work. Thinking she might like to make the transition full time...

Naturally, her surroundings were new and she wasn’t familiar with the I.T. system being used but the work was the same. And with minimal support and guidance she took to it – like a duck to water!

Her experience got me thinking of the new Merco Advocates Program. A fantastic new idea from the management team at Merco as a way for our more experienced staff to both support individuals and represent the agency in positive ways to clients.


Many of you tell me, working for Merco has advantages for both parties. For us as clinicians, we get regular access to new and existing clinical work; in various settings with a steady income stream. For Merco they get repeat business and a positive reputation as a competent supplier of high quality clinicians.

To maintain the Merco reputation, we want clinicians to feel supported in their local areas of work and we want our clients to feel our positive value added.


As a Merco advocate you could easily fulfil this role as an aside to your clinical shifts. So if like me, you want to get involved and to be a positive advocate for Merco do please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

 And if you’re someone who is relatively new to Merco work and you feel you’d gain some value from meeting your local advocate let us know and we can start to connect clinicians in local patches. Merco really do want to promote the family feel. For we believe the workplace can be tough at times and everything we can do to support you can only bring about positive outcomes. Being happy in your work, allows you to relax clinically and, in my opinion, provide better care.

When we support each other, incredible things can happen. Thanks for reading, stay safe and drop me a message if you want to chat.

David Ainsworth

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