Role Info - Community Nurse

Community Nurse Role Information

District and community nursing teams provide an invaluable service to the individuals, families and communities which they serve; and are integral to the delivery, integrated health care.

A community nurse will often require some work from an administrative or clinical base, and in the community within the home of each patient or within other secondary or tertiary services such as hospitals, care homes, hospice or specialist service. 

Community nursing encompasses a diverse range of nurses and support workers who work in the community including district nurses, intermediate care nurses, community matrons and hospital at home nurses. 

Community nurses can progress from band 5 to senior band 7 positions through the advancement of experience and clinical skills, such as specific knowledge and experience in Heart Failure, COPD, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson ’s disease, Diabetes. Community nursing teams and their colleagues provide help to GP’s, and the district nursing teams in the management of symptoms and exasperations. 

Follow up may be through face to face, telephone or online appointment with a community nurse, or another referred service. 

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