Role Info - Paramedic

Paramedic Role Information

Paramedics have always been on the front lines to bring aid when urgent healthcare needs or medical disasters strike, a fast-paced and vital role requiring an individual to quickly take charge of the situation to save lives, sometimes even at risk to their own lives.

Right behind first responders or more advanced and senior Paramedics, Band 5 and 6 Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are often among the first clinicians to be present with a patient in need. 

Paramedics initially require a degree in Paramedic Science, or Apprenticeship Degree as a paramedic and then apply for a job with an ambulance service. 

Paramedics work alongside the police and fire and rescue services. Along with your patients, you’ll also support their relatives, friends and members of the public, some of whom might be highly agitated. A typical shift pattern will include nights, weekends and bank holidays owing to the 24/7 nature of most ambulance trust roles. 

Once qualified, a paramedic could become a team leader, supervising other paramedics and emergency care assistants, specialise in a specific area like strokes, or work for the air ambulance. With additional training, Paramedics could become an experienced or advanced paramedic, which is a senior role with more responsibilities, with opportunities in varied clinical settings such as GP practices, and urgent care settings. Teaching, research and management roles are other options. 

An Advanced Paramedic with additional qualifications can be a Paramedic Specialist in Primary and Urgent Care, an Emergency Care Practitioner, or an Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP). 

Band 5-7 Paramedics often work either alone or with a colleague in an ambulance, reporting into non-clinical staff such as 999 call handlers / ambulance coordinators. Paramedics with sufficient experience and qualifications may be a sole responder, enabled to work independently and lead on certain emergency situations. 

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